Monday, 25 July 2016

What A Cool Pleasant Atmosphere - Raag Kedar - English Bandish - 101India

Sing along with the music video of this Hindustani classical music track. In English. Kiran Phatak wants to bring Indian classical music to the global audience. And the best way to do that is to ensure that people around the world and understand the lyrics. Sing along with this karaoke version of his bandish 'What A Cool Pleasant Atmosphere', sung in Raag Kedar.

As a third generation Indian classical musician, Kiran Phatak never really got the lure of musical genres like Rap, Rock, and Pop. Around 5-6 years back realisation dawned upon him and he concluded that it is the English language that these mostly western musical styles are sung in, that stops him from fully appreciating the music. By way of extrapolation, he also inferred that in order for Indian classical music to become relevant and popular amongst the youth of the world, he would need to sing his Bandishes in their language of choice – English. He promptly penned down around 20-25 Bandishes in English; some of them direct translations of traditional ones and a few originals that tackled modern themes such as smartphones running out of battery and putting an end to the nightly conversations between two lovers.

His first rendition of these English Bandishes was a huge hit and the hall where he performed was houseful. Still, there are lot in the music world who oppose his experiment. They believe that he is destroying their centuries old traditions and want him to put an end to this musical Frankenstein. But Mr. Phatak believes that music is a dynamic art and it needs to continually evolve in order to stay relevant. In his words, ‘If we stop new ideas from flowing into the ocean of sounds then it would slowly dry into a puddle of static, muddy water’.

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