Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Fun Summer Song - I Love Summer - Seasons Song by ELF Learning - ELF Kid...

A fun, energetic song about summer for children and schools around the world. Enjoy!
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ELF wrote this song for it's sister school's Summer School Program. This is a DEMO version, but it will be available on ELF's 3rd Children's CD. You can download this version for free at:
ELF Learning creates songs, videos and other learning materials for kids all over the world. Based in Japan, we publish books, CDs, DVDs and of course...learning videos!

Our videos are designed for children ages 2~10 and cover a wide range of topics. 

Our song videos are a mix of original and classic children's songs. We try hard to add the ELF touch - clear vocals, different genres and lots of FUN! 

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