Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Action Verbs and Pattern Practice 2 for Kids What can s/he do by ELF Lea...

Action Verbs and Pattern Practice 2 for Kids What can s/he do by ELF Learning

Kids can learn 12 action verbs and verb phrases with this simple pattern practice video from ELF Learning. Practice the pattern: 

What can he do? 
What can she do? 

She can read a book. 
He can ride a bicycle. 
She can shake her bum. 
He can sing loudly. 
She can skip slowly. 
He can spin quickly. 
She can speak English. 
He can swim. 
She can throw a ball. 
He can wash his hands. 
She can write a letter. 
He can catch a ball. (He can catch a gorilla!)

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