Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Verb Chant and Pattern Practice for Kids - Can You~? by ELF Learning

Enjoy this fun verb chant and pattern practice video for kids by ELF Learning. In this listen and repeat video, children are asked the pattern, "Can you ~" and can answer, "Yes, I can." or "No, I can't." There is a karaoke section at the end. Good for kindergarten, preschool, EFL and ESL children. 

Can you bounce a ball?
Can you climb a tree?
Can you dance around?
Can you write a letter?
Can you drive a car?
Can you read a book?
Can you ride a bicycle?
Can you shake your bum? 
Can you speak English? 
Can you throw a ball? 
Can you draw a picture?

Yes, I can! / No, I can't.

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