Friday, 24 June 2016

Popular Hindi Rhymes - Nursery Rhymes in Hindi

Popular Hindi Rhymes is an official playlist of nursery rhymes compilation by Minnu and Mintu Hindi rhymes. These nursery rhymes songs will make children enjoy the music also parents can get entertained along with their toddlers. These hindi nursery rhymes music is created keeping babies in mind bringing in the learning aspect apart from fun for preschool kids.

To watch hindi nursery rhymes,
Click here:

Minnu and Mintu Hindi Rhymes
is the best destination to find a large collection of Popular Hindi nursery
rhymes such as "machli jal ki rani hai", "bandhar mama",
"aloo kachaloo","Chunnu Munnu" and many more. Check out our
animated songs (Balgeet) and hindi rhymes collection and let your kids groove
and learn.

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