Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Let's Play Outside! - Outside Playing Toys For Kids - ELF Kids Videos

This is the second video in ELF Learning's "Toys" theme - OUTSIDE TOYS. 
8 toys we play with outside are presented in a listen and repeat format, followed by a section with a listen and repeat of common phrases used with each word. 

1. ball - I can bounce a ball.
2. bat - I can swing a bat.
3. hula hoop - I can hula hoop.
4. jump rope - I can jump rope.
5. scooter - I can ride a scooter.
6. tricycle - I can ride a tricycle.
7. bicycle - I can ride a bicycle.
8. unicycle - I can ride a unicycle.

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We realize that some children may be too big or too little to honestly say that they "can" do something, but we'll leave it up to teachers to follow up with this. :) These words also work well as a basis for discussion. 

What color is your bicycle?
Can you ride a unicycle?
Do you have a ball (baseball, soccer ball, etc.)

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