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Consonant Blends Chant - Phonics for Kids by ELF Learning - ELF Kids Videos

Learn consonant blends and learn to read with this fun phonics chant from ELF Learning. Two consonants are blended together in a listen and repeat format. This is a remake of our original Blends Chant, but this one has a Listen and Repeat! Good for early readers and the classroom. 

See an alternate version HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=485J4a...

This version contains many significant changes to both illustrations and content. These changes were made for the students and families of Ms. Smith's class at Hallmoor School, Birmingham, UK. Warm wishes from ELF Learning!

Changes include: 

1. All illustrations are colored (except stick figures). 
2. Single example of each blend are given, instead of two.
3. There is a repeat section with low-volume guide track.
4. Tambourine has been added to the mix to help keep learners on the beat.
5. "ng" and "nk" blends have been eliminated (technically fall under the category of digraphs).
6. tw-twins and pr-prince have been added while sw-swim has replaced swimsuit and sweater.
7. "gloves" has been changed to singular "glove."
8. All words are single syllable.

Includes Consonant Blends:
bl - black
br - brown
cl - clap
cr - crab
pl - plant
pr - prince
gl - glove
gr - grapes
fl - fly
fr - frog
dr - dress
tr - tree
tw - twins
sc - scarf
sk - sky
sp - spin
st - stop
squ - squid
sl - sleep
sm - smile
sn - snail
sw - swim
nt - ants
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