Saturday, 13 February 2016

Stunt Riding Is Not A Crime - One Wheel Game - 101 India

Hi, welcome to 101 India. Repeat after me: "Stunt riding is not a crime". Even though no law, guideline or rulebook explicitly forbids stunt riding, professional stunt riders are constantly hounded by local police authorities, insisting that their actions are against the law.

One Wheel Game is a series of profiles chronicling the journey of Steel Silencerz, one of India's top freestyle stunt riding teams. The five-part series puts a human face behind the death-defying stunts and freewheeling antics that thrill audiences everywhere.

From stories about near-death experiences to India's only scooter stunt rider, One Wheel Game takes an intensely close look at what it takes to become one of India's best stunt riders. Pop a wheel and ride along on the road from their home towns in Jaipur, Ludhiana and Delhi to performing on national and international stages. 

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