Monday, 29 February 2016

Nature Vocabulary and Phrases Chant for Kids by ELF Learning - ELF Kids ...

Kids can learn nature vocabulary and short sentences with this gentle video from ELF Learning. When can you see the moon? What do you see on the beach? 

Vocabulary and Phrases include: 

There are CRABS on the beach
There are CLOUDS in the sky
There are lizards in the desert
I can see cows on the farm
I can see flowers in the garden
There are bears in the forest
There is grass in the park.
There are monkeys in the jungle.

I can see boats on the lake. 
There are leaves on the trees. 
I can see the moon at night. 
I can see snow on the mountains. 
There are dolphins in the ocean
There are frogs in the pond
I can feel rain on my face. 
I can see a rainbow in the sky. 

There are fish in the river.
I can see birds in the sky. 
There is snow on the ground. 
I can see stars in the sky. 
I can see the sun in the sky. 
There are trees in the forest. 
I can feel wind on my face.


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