Thursday, 3 September 2015

Interesting Facts About Tears | Why Do Tears Have Salty Taste?

There are the some interesting facts about tears. It is a helpful video to know about science questions for kids. This educational video for kids tells us about Why Do Tears Have Salty Taste? In this kid’s learning video students asked Why Do Tears Have Salty Taste? Professor told that Salt can be found in every cell in our bodies. We sweat and this depletes the body of salt, which must then be replaced. Most crucially, salt helps keep the balance of our bodily fluids that carry nutrients and oxygen around our bodies. Fluid balance is measuring the amount of urine a patient passes in 24 hours and the amount of liquid the patient drinks. Ideally both figures should be about the same. This kid’s video teaches you in a fun way. Watch this cute 3D animation Kids HD video to know more about any important information.
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