Thursday, 6 August 2015

April Fools Facts | Why Do We Celebrate April Fools Day?

April Fools facts, interesting facts for kids. Why Do We Celebrate April Fools Day? April Fools' Day is celebrated every year on the first day of April.This day is not a national holiday in any country,it is well known in Canada, Europe and the United States, and it is celebrated as a day when people play practical jokes on each other. The jokes and their victims are known as "April fools". Earlier, new year used to be celebrated on April 1st. Then a new calendar was adopted where new year was celebrated on January. In the beginning, people did not accept 1st January as the new year and continued to celebrate new year on 1st April. They used to exchange gifts on new year, so some people started to play a prank by giving mock gifts to people still celebrating new year on 1st April. People who accepted these gifts were called April Fools. The idea of April Fools soon spread throughout the world. People then started pulling each other's legs by playing stupid pranks.

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